Speedflex Ambassadors

Speedflex is supported and used by a number of high profile individuals, including professional athletes.

Stephen Miller, ,
Stephen Miller

Stephen was first introduced to Speedflex as a form of rehabilitation after a total hip replacement. Having been given the all clear after just 6 months Stephen now trains at Speedflex three times a week as part of his ongoing athletics training for Rio 2016.

“Speedflex provides essential support in my training for Rio 2016. I started dramatically improving as I got to grips with the machines and discovered just what they were capable of.”

Rob Lee, ,
Rob Lee

Rob trains at Speedflex up to five times a week. This is made easier by his role as Centre Manager at our centre on Lombard Street in the City of London.

"After over 20 years as a professional footballer my joints get very sore while exercising but Speedflex allows me to do a high intensity, low impact workout with no pain during, or more importantly, after."

Ben Shephard, ,
Ben Shephard

Ben is exercise mad and loves Speedflex training, he finds the combination of the benefits you can achieve from Speedflex revolutionary.

"As somebody who is seriously into my health and fitness I've done many different types of training, from martial arts to boxing, and nothing compares to a Speedflex session."

Alan Shearer, ,
Alan Shearer

Alan trains at his local Speedflex centre as often as his work commitments allow, usually three times a week. He is a regular in the centre in Jesmond and credits Speedflex with keeping him fit.

"Speedflex allows me to train to my maximum every time I'm in the room. I can train at a high intensity alongside people of all different fitness levels and have no pain the following day."

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