Speedflex Centers

Speedflex Centers are unique, state of the art facilities hosting the innovative Speedflex Training System.

In Speedflex sessions, users wear state of the art heart rate monitors which provide real-time results for effort and performance levels, as well as a detailed summary, including calorie count, at the end.
Sessions are led by an experienced personal trainer, are high in intensity, low in impact and have been developed to provide a personalised experience in a small group environment.

The technology of the Speedflex machines means anybody can use them regardless of your fitness level, age or weight. Resistance levels are set based on what force you put into the machine. As a result, the intensity of the workout is significantly higher, leading to greater calorific burns for every individual. Users can burn more calories than they ever thought possible which can lead to muscle toning and significant weight loss.

The scientific design of the machine, which uses hydraulics to create concentrically based forces so the muscle will never tear, means users experience little or no post exercise muscle soreness.  Speedflex provides a safe, total body workout.

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