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From our ambassadors to our customers, here's a few reasons why you should let Speedflex change your life.


Speedflex Centers

A Speedflex Center is not a gym. Speedflex training is for everyone and delivers a personalised experience in a group setting.

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3 facts about Speedflex you should know


  1. Speedflex is a life changing way to get fit and healthy. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before Speedflex can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, whether you’re an athlete, haven’t exercised in years or have a medical condition that affects your ability to workout.
  2. We won’t hurt you. It’s high intensity, low impact exercise. So what does that mean? You get all the benefits of a high intensity workout but the innovative technology behind the machines means you won’t be stretched beyond your personal capabilities meaning there is little to no post exercise pain. To find out more click here.
  3. We can track your progress. Speedflex is a training concept that combines all of the great features of exercise without the negatives but we can also track your progress. Your personal trainers can evaluate your workout in a session via the real-time heart rate monitoring (not to mention the stats you will receive at the end) in order to monitor progress and set goals.

Our Ambassadors

  • Stephen Miller and Speedflex

    Stephen Miller

    “Speedflex provides essential support in my training for Rio 2016. I started dramatically improving as I got to grips with the machines and discovered just what they were capable of.”

  • Rob Lee

    "After over 20 years as a professional footballer my joints get very sore while exercising but Speedflex allows me to do a high intensity, low impact workout with no pain during, or more importantly, after."

  • Ben Shephard

    "As somebody who is seriously into my health and fitness I've done many different types of training, from martial arts to boxing, and nothing compares to a Speedflex session."

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